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Potential Advertiser,

Keeping the site up and running takes time and money. To help offset these costs we are opening our pages to some modest advertising. www.getoffourisland.com gets about 1000 hits per day and we expect that number to grow significantly with the updated website as well as some near future features such as our official video and plan for three more added sub pages. We continue to make www.getoffourisland.com more user-friendly and we will be constantly adding more content.

Our creator & spokesperson has already been on the JV and Elvis Show on 92.3 Free FM as well as "The Authority Radio Show" on 540 AM. We should also have a featured article in NEWSDAY this summer as well. We expect to get more radio show requests in the coming year. Our website attracts good, honest people who just want to have a good time and are sick of the growing "Guido" phenomenon. The popularity of this site is growing fast among males and females between the age of 15-35 in the Tri State area, specifically Long Island. If this is the market you would like to reach, please consider our advertising rates and packages:

1. Banner Ad on our homepage - $50 per month
2. Banner Ad on any sub page - $25 per month
3. Banner Package Deal - $100 a month. (Banner on homepage plus banner on up to 3 sub pages)

Our overall goals are to promote The Resistance, raise Guido Awareness, and build a better Long Island through social change. We are not looking to make a fortune and this is why we can offer such a good advertising rate for the amount of page impressions we get per day. To clarify - This is not a less exposed rotating banner package offer, this is an offer for your banner or advertisement to be up all the time during every page impression. We will size all banners to approximately 460x60 pixels, but we can make a different banner shape upon request. We will also soon offer advertising on our growing message board community in the coming months.

So, if you would like to advertise with us, just send an email to [email protected] and let us know you're interested. We have a fully secure PayPal account that we use for all transactions. At the very least, please enjoy our website. We know you will be entertained as many people from the tri-state area have already been. Thank you for your time.

-The folks at www.getoffourisland.com Email: [email protected] (click to open email)