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Our Goals

•  To promote “The Resistance” by helping to raise Guido Awareness

•  To show young teens who are thinking about traveling down the Guido path that there is a better future for them if they can hold on to their own individuality and identity.

•  To embarrass existing Guidos so much that that they stay inside their parent’s house and never come out at night or just leave the island all together.


We must make people realize that Guidos are HUGE LOSERS.

Imagine a Better Society:  Imagine a society free of attitude, materialism and vanity.  Imagine a society of individuals, all of whom have characteristics and traits distinct to themselves and themselves only.

Imagine a Long Island free of attitude, where one day you can walk into a bar at night for a few drinks with your friends and not lose hope in the progress of human civilization.

This can be our Long Island if we unite, work together, and support the resistance.

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