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Picture Comments  

Pic 1 - "Club Fingers"

"We're this many years old!" - Kenneth J

"We've had this many cocks today." - Brian H

"OK BOYS...show em how many wieners are we gonna take down tonight!" - Chris K

Pic 2 - "Quasimodo Guido"

"Ay yo!  My dick is almost as big as my middle finger.  Fogeddabouddit!" -Ryan K

Pic 3 - "Superhero Guidos "

"The Ambiguously Gay duo strikes again" -Steve R

"Superheros or..Superflamers?" -KD

Pic 4 - "The Homo Street Gangsters "

"Homo Street - where being a douchebag isn't just an attitude...its a way of life." - Patrick F

Pic 5 - "The Cash-Money Douchebag "
"who said you dont make money sucking cock?" - Mull

"This is the money i saved by getting this shitty hair cut." - Grover

"How much do i owe ya? gimme back my balls please" - Ryan

"You too can have all this and still live with your Mom! Now I gotta put this money back in mommy's wallet before she gets home." - Dave

Pic 6 - "The New York Tanning Club "
"yeah we're so cool we just got out the tanning salon now we gonna sleep over each other's houses" - Tyson

"Who Brought the KY Jelly?" - Vin

"Nothing beats hanging out topless with your male freinds." - Johnny

"The Three Gay Musketteers" - Ed

"Hanging out with a bunch of dudes not wearing shirts and not having any females in sight is our idea of a GOOD time" - Don

"Who Brought the KY Jelly?" - Vin

"$25 at the beauty parlor Armani Exchange Tshirts: $120 Bronzo Orange Tan : $100 monthly membership Chillin at club lookin fly with Jimmy, Joey, Petey, Pauly, Guiseppe, Gino and Carmine: Priceless" - Fonz

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