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Guido Population Density

Below is a brief topographical summary of where these idiots are most densely populated on Long Island, which towns still have a fighting chance, and which towns have already been turned into a shit hole by the Guido phenomenon.
Population Density

As you can see from the map, these douchebags have forced the good people of Long Island to the center of the Island.  The fight is centered in eastern Nassau County.   West Nassau has already fallen to the Guidos: Floral Park, Mineola, New Hyde Park, Lynbrook, Rockaway are all swarming these idiots.  But the good people of Long Island still hold out in parts of Eastern Nassau.

The South Shore of Suffolk is another Guido Stronghold: Islip, Patchogue and Mastic-Shirley being the epicenter of Guido activity for Suffolk County.  Fortunately they haven't managed to go too far north into the Suffolk Heartland, but that is quickly changing.  We must also be aware that Guidos like to migrate during the summer to the South Fork, most notably East Hampton.  There are three major factors that explain this Guido summer migration pattern:  they can tan on the popular Hampton Bay beaches, they can dance the night away and act tough at the numerous summer dance clubs, and they can surround themselves with rich locals in order to boost their all important "image" .

In Summary: as the city pushes its boundaries out towards the island, so it brings its people and its attitudes.  It's no secret that Nassau County is becoming an extension of Queens and Brooklyn.  Good, honest people are disappearing and being replaced with Guido douche bags as this plague spreads across the Island.

We must fight back.  We don't want Nassau and Suffolk County to fall victim to this ridiculous phenomenon.  We don't want these people to be the future.  This is our island, our future is at stake.

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