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The Resistance

How can I support the resistance?

Depends on who you are:

If you are a young male adult:
Develop a personality of your own; don’t pretend to be a douchebag just to become socially accepted by more douche bags. Make yourself useful to society.
Take the guido test by asking yourself the question: "Do I have a purpose in life?" If the answer is no - then your most likely a Guido and you must obtain one in order to break free. Remember the key - Do something constructive with your life.

If you are a young female adult:
Stop watching MTV for 5 hours a day and realize that life isn’t about being a huge slut and hanging out with guys who pretend to act tough, look at themselves all day and worship gangster rap music.

  Bumper Stickers

Help Raise Guido Awareness

Our Bumper Stickers only cost 5 bucks and are a terrific way to raise Guido Awareness.  We have a decent variety of bumper stickers and are working on many more.    Imagine if everyone had one on their car!   Not only would we be united in our cause but it would also make these douchebags a lot less likely to come out and aggravate us.  The Guido culture of vanity, materialism, and attitude would finally be on the decline and we will once again be able to enjoy ourselves when going out at night and hanging out with good friends.  Raising awareness is the first step in this process.

Click anyone of the stickers below to be taken to the
Get Off Our Island Company Store.

Stay Strong!

Once printed hang them across your home, school, or office to spread the message and further deter douchebags from taking any more land and breathing space on Long Island.

Guido Citations

Help Raise Guido Awareness!  Good citizens of Long Island, here is your chance to support the resistance!  Hand out these Guido Citations to all local Guidos in your area.  Let him know he is in violation of the basic laws of a functional society.

Places to boycott: 
To show you support please do not go within 200 yards of the following establishments:
The Crowbar; Pure; Mirage; Marquee; Posh; Bianco and any other clubs with dumb names such as these.

Coming Soon— A list of Guido Free Bars!  (Bars that have a no to few Guido admission rate - and you thought they didn't exist!)

Other Suggestions:

1) If you are thinking about opening a dance club, please don’t.  By doing so you will only attract more of these idiots from Queens onto our island, as they get bored of being tough at their own dance clubs. 

2) If you own a store and are thinking about putting up a  “Guido’s Need Not Apply” sign: Good idea but there is no need, remember a Guido tries extremely hard to never work a day in his life.

3) If you are an aspiring young rapper from long island: You will probably make an ass out of yourself, but in the process you will convince more Guidos to start rapping, that is a nightmare scenario. So please reconsider.

4) If you are a female who thinks these people are cool:  Educate yourself - you’re an idiot. 

5) If you are a male who feels threatened by local Guido:  We do not in anyway advocate violence; however, if you are faced with an escalating situation don’t back down from confrontation.  Remember Guidos just ACT tough, their personality and identity is completely hollow.  Translation: they are absolute sissies when confronted with any opposition.  They will back down from any fight while trying to maintain their toughness by faking mafia ties.

Convince A Guido to Move to Miami

Top 5 Reasons to help you convince a Guido to move to Miami:

1)  Dance clubs are everywhere

2)  Year Round tanning weather

3)  Lots of dumb girls

4)  Gangster rap music can be heard everywhere

5)  Fakeness is socially acceptable

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